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  • Ambrosio Tirado

WK1 Exploration: Start A Blog & Tell A Story

Before I started my creative writing journey at Full Sail, I served as a former Army helicopter mechanic and later transitioned into the commercial aviation industry as a software QA Analyst. I had always thought my single focus in life would always be rooted squarely around anything aviation related.

But then I began to notice that I had a natural yet unrefined knack for the written word and story crafting in general. Over time, my skill began to improve but I always felt something was missing. I found myself wandering aimlessly from YouTube video to YouTube video and article to article trying to teach myself as much as I could. While helpful, those attempts often left me more confused as a lot of the lessons were subjective and vague.

I finally got tired of trying to make sense of the unaffiliated clusters of information available online, and while reluctant at first, I pulled the trigger on pursuing a writing degree with Full Sail after weeks of debate and research. Ever since I decided to pursue my passion, the aviation industry took a huge hit which resulted in me becoming jobless, and while at some points things seemed bleak, I remained happy not only because I endured, but because I am now on the verge of obtaining my degree.

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