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“Family Secrets”
Drama | 810 Words

Carmine, who reluctantly receives a run-down house from his verbally abusive grandfather, discovers a hidden family secret that will change his fortunes forever.

Drama | 955 Words

Sam, a survivor of a terrible plane crash, must help Abigail overcome her prejudices in hopes of being rescued before time runs out.

“What matters Most”
Drama | 1998 Words

Damian, an absent father and successful businessman, is stranded at sea with his son. Together they must reconnect and fight the harsh seas to get home.


“My Brother’s Keeper”
Drama | 9 Pages

Michael, a weary soldier surviving in a world left in ruin, must stop his brother from taking the lives of an innocent family.

“The Deserted Island”
Thriller | 5 Pages

Diego, the survivor of an unfortunate plane crash, must overcome his fears on a dreary island to find the strength to get home.

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